Cresta Table

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The alpin toy
The alpin toy


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Welcome to DADADUM

For our new start we decided to open an online platform. In that way we will be able to have an open communication with you and have a more intimate relationship. We believe that together living and growing is much more interesting. 

For who?
We created DADADUM for young design lovers, interior geeks, slow foodies and urban travellers. For those who need to enjoy simple moments and take the time to experience beauty.

Are there movements which share your values?
Yes, of course. We are not the only who care about celebrating simple moments rather than being focused on productivity and fast life! Talking about this we would like to share a quote extract with you from the Slow Food Manifesto, which we think is really proper:  

"Speed has become our chain, we are all prey to the same virus: Fast Life, which disrupts our habits, pervades the privacy of our homes, forces us to eat fast food. But homo sapiens must retrieve his wisdom and free from speed that can reduce it to a species in danger of extinction. Therefore, in opposition to the universal folly of "fast life", you have to choose the defense of quiet material pleasure. Against those who mistake frenzy for efficiency, we offer the vaccine to an appropriate portion of guaranteed sensual pleasure to be practiced in slow and lasting enjoyment."


Our Mission

Time. To slow down. We live in a fast, ever-changing digital society. Our “always on” lifestyle is rich and exciting but also exhausting. DADADUM wants to offer you moments of rest. Moments of simplicity. Moments of peace. Only then can you focus on what’s most important. We love goods that are made with care, intelligence and beauty. And we believe that a person’s spiritual life and character are more important than the quantity of goods or monetary worth one has. So here’s to the celebration of simple moments: from contemplating a glowing sunset, to sharing magic moments with your besties.