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Chez Simon

DADADUM Cresta Chair in black employed as a desk chair: another use of this sculptural chair designed by Jorg Böner. The vintage desk that holds Cresta Chair belong to the artist Simon Kroug, that has opened the door of his home to discover a little bit of him and his interior style.What’s the concept of your decoration in general?

What’s the concept of your decoration in general?

La sobriété heureuse. I borrow words from Pierre Rabhi... You will tell me that, for a city-dweller who is answering questions about the decoration of his house, it’s a bit of a paradox to mention an agronomist, pioneer of degrowth and major figure in the ecology field. At home, we try not to encumber ourselves with useless objects. It is very difficult not to accumulate, especially in our consumer society. 
It thus seems essential for us a good choice of everyday objects, furniture and accessories, for the sake of durability, without denying the beauty of forms and materials. It is also in direct relation with the available space.
The Cresta Chair immediately seduced me with its simple and refine forms, its natural material and its secret technical nature that only the informed customer can appreciate!

What purpose should a chair serve in your home? 

A chair is an indispensable, inevitable piece of furniture. But it can be charged with something more: personality. In our home, the Cresta has taken almost a sculptural place. But it remains a chair, a sculpture on which we dare to sit.

How do you decide where to place your furniture?

We found this chair in the idea of placing it in front of the desk with compass feet. When Demian presented it to me, I immediately associated it with this piece of furniture. In addition, in its black version, it echoes the stove located on the other side of the living room. It makes me think about pretty pieces of charcoal for an artist. A wood converted into coal. I love this material and this very warm black.

What do you look for in good design?

I would say: a balance between the purity and the personality that I’ve described above. We like simple and functional forms, but they have to be in the service of beauty, of a particular character, of a soul. We avoid harmful and plastic materials. Good design is also a design respectful of the people who make it, of the environment and resources by the choice of high-quality and – if it’s possible – local materials.

What do you think is the most important thing in your apartment?

Space is what we do with it. We are very proud to live in five in ninety square meters. That's why we think it's important to furnish this space with crafted and carefully designed objects.

Simon Kroug, visual artist, graduated from Ecal, works as engraver, drawer, and painter in Lausanne. His work is strictly connected and with nature and wild spaces, with a lonely, almost hermitage, dimension that reflects an inner need to return to an essential and purified way of living. 


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