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White Snow Interior

White is the colour of snow, milk, sunlight, limestone, chalk and other common minerals. In fact white is one of the most common colours seen in nature. A white surface reflects light of all hues completely and diffusely. Even on a grey day white interior  will lighten up your home and brighten up the grey daylight entering from outside.
(When it comes to design, white is in general considered a neutral backdrop that will let other colours  have a larger voice. Because white can help to convey cleanliness and simplicity it is a popular colour in minimalist designs. Using white in design can portray either winter or summer, depending on the other design motifs and colours that surround it.)
Not only does white have an impact on your home, it also has the potential to positively influence your mind since it's associated with perfection, the good, honesty, cleanliness, beginnings, neutrality and exactitude.
These are all reasons why we love white! And this is also why we have chosen to create a special ”snow effect” with our design. We hope you will like it and get inspired on how to use and enjoy the wonders of white.


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