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The Greatness of Grey

Grey is one of the most popular interior colours at the moment and that is not without a reason. It's simply difficult to go wrong with grey, because the colour seems to work well with just about every other colour.
Being a mix between black and white, grey is associated with neutrality, and because of that grey is frequently used as a background colour. It simply makes other colours pop. Using grey with pastels and soft pink produces a feminine feeling, while combining grey with darker colours it creates a more masculine mood.
In general grey is considered to be conservative and formal, but at the same time it's actually a very modern colour as well. Grey is often used in corporate designs, where formality and professionalism are key, but the colour is commonly used in relaxing settings as well. All in all grey is definitely a colour with many faces and also available in a multitude of shades.
Providing the perfect backdrop for other colours, grey is an elegant and sophisticated colour that we love to use. Working with simplicity and fine lines, as we do in our contemporary design, grey is just like its “parents colours”, black and white, a very tasteful and friendly colour to work with.
Have a look at our creations with this amazing colour, get inspired and discover the greatness of grey.

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